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Universal Socket Wrench/Grip ETC-200MO can Remove Different Types Of Fasteners within 7-19mm.Two Pieces Silver Colour Randoo Brand Professional Grade Socket Set includes Socket & Adapter

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>>> Universal Socket Wrench Grip 200MO <<<

Universal Socket Wrench Grip 200MO

Feature :

  • THE PROFESSIONAL'S CHOICE: Get your hands on the best universal socket brand trusted by pro mechanics across America.

    Randoo is the real deal for automotive repair garages, household maintenance, construction industries and buyers who want the best.
  • THE ONE SOCKET YOU'LL NEED: From 7-19mm or 1/4 to 3/4 inch sockets, this will replace all of your piled up adapters, pliers and wrenches.

    This easily works on 90% of hardware out there, and do ten times better a job.

    Every time.
  • REPAIR LIKE A PRO: No matter what size the bolt, eye bolt, or wing nut, it couldn't be easier to adjust this amazing tool to the various shapes and sizes you want.

    Even damaged and rusted joints, take care of them like nobody's business!
  • SUPERIOR HARDENING: Say goodbye to snapping parts and broken bits.

    Our premium grade steel means you can apply your skills and turn on the torque with total confidence.
  • BUY NOW OR YOUR MONEY BACK 100% : If you only ever buy one wrench, make it this one.

    As a company, we've done our best to deliver the most reliable universal socket out there.

    And if our tool for any reason doesn't do it for you, then we'll give you 100% of your money back.

    That's our promise, no questions asked.

Details :

Randoo brand single socket for every toolbox and for everyone

It can remove and tighten the following fasteners within the range of 7 to 19mmor 1/4" - 3/4" hexagonal bolts/nuts square/flat head bolts/nuts eye-bolts cup-hooks U-bolts damaged/rusted bolts/nuts etc.


It has made of a hardened 54 steel pins with long lasting strength and has an industrialized finish.

How It Works

Once the socket put onto a fastener, the middle pins retract and the pins on the outside surrounds on the fastener.

When the fastener is turned with the socket, the torque is sent out through pins on the outside to the wall of the socket.

In other words, the socket instantly adjust to hold various types of fastens.

Using an adapter for power tool - extra force & a handle.

Benefits this recently invented single socket wrench can replace 13 standard wrenches/sockets between the given range - instantly adjusts to any shapes which makes the socket a useful option for professional and personal use.

What about the tools to hold wing-nuts, u-cups, eye-bolts and square bolts.

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It Has Made Of A Hardened 54 Steel Pins With Long Lasting Strength And Has An Industrialized Finish.

How It Works

Once The Socket Put Onto A Fastener, The Middle Pins Retract And The Pins On The Outside Surrounds On The Fastener.

When The Fastener Is Turned With The
Socket, The Torque Is Sent Out Through Pins On The Outside To The Wall Of The Socket.

In Other Words, The Socket Instantly Adjust To Hold Various Types Of Fastens.

Using An Adapter For Power Tool - Extra Force & A Handle.

Benefits This Recently Invented Single Socket Wrench Can Replace
13 Standard Wrenches/sockets Between The Given Range - Instantly Adjusts To Any Shapes Which Makes The Socket A Useful Option For Professional And Personal Use.

What About The Tools To Hold Wing-nuts, U-cups, Eye-bolts And Square Bolts.

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